Virtual Instructor blends traditional classroom-style computer training with the power of the Internet while keeping the needs of the business workplace in mind. Virtual Instructor incorporates the trends that are shaping eLearning for the future.
According to the Training and Development Magazine (T+D Magazine), “Developments in brain science and technology are dramatically changing how training is offered.” Memory experts acknowledge an individual’s capacity for short-term memory is about four items, but can be expanded by “chunking the information”.
Chunking refers to short bursts of learning ranging from 60 seconds to 60 minutes. When delivered in a timely and consistent manner, you begin to create a continuous learning environment. This is the approach taken by Virtual Instructor.
The one-hour, live, instructor-led online sessions are not only an ideal learning time, but they typically focus on one or two concepts allowing the participants to understand and retain the information presented. Virtual Instructor offers online classes in consistent weekly or bi-weekly sessions.
Short, topic-related videos are available for quick reference. You may use these videos before, after or in lieu of the online training courses. Training guides containing step-by-step instructions can be downloaded along with class exercise files.
Additional benefits to the live, one-hour, instructor-led classes are that there is no travel time, and the time away from the office is greatly reduced.