How do I attend an online class?

We use Zoom for our online classes. You'll find the Zoom link for your class when you log into your Virtual Instructor account. You'll receive a Welcome email and two Reminder emails (one 2 days before the class and one 1 hour before the class) with reminders on how to log into your account and where to find the Zoom link.

What happens if I can't attend the class?

The classes you are registered for are recorded and will be made available in your Virtual Instructor account within 48 hours of the class. You can download the training guide and class files and follow along with the video.

How do I download the class files and training guide?

The training guide and class files will be available for you to download two days prior to the class. Log into your Virtual Instructor account to download the files.

Can I ask questions before or after the class?

Log into your Virtual Instructor account and open the Class Card for your class. You'll see a button to Ask a Question. You can ask questions before and after the class. When you're in the class it's a live session, so you can ask the instructor questions regarding your class.

Are there group discounts for the classes?

Group discounts are available for businesses and organizations to register multiple people for classes. Click the button below and we'll contact you to get your people registered for classes.