Live, Online, 1-Hour, Instructor-Led Classes

We have 31 Excel classes for you to choose from. We've separated them into series that cover specific topics.
You can sign up for a bundle of classes (save $$$ - learn more) or you can choose from our a la carte menu of classes.
  • Each class is on Zoom and includes training guide, class files, and hands-on exercises.
  • ​Each class is recorded and made available to enrolled participants.
  • ​If you're not able to attend the class you're enrolled in, you'll have access to the recording, training guide, and class files.
  • ​The training classes are designed for the PC version of Excel 365.
We're updating new class dates & times.  Please check back tomorrow

Series 100: Excel Essentials

If you're new to Excel or if you're self-taught and want to make sure you know all the basics to make using Excel easier, more efficient, and definitely more productive - then these classes are for you.

Series 200: Intermediate Topics

These classes are designed for people who have been working with Excel for a while and know there must be faster, more efficient ways to get their projects finished.
The Series 200 classes will show you how to dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend working in Excel while increasing your accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Series 300: Formulas

If you need to write formulas in Excel, then Series 300 was designed specifically for you!
Excel 301 and 302 show you how to use named ranges to simplify writing formulas - they are a MUST for anyone serious about writing formulas.
The remaining classes in this series focus on specific formulas and results, so you can replace hours of manual work.

Series 400: Advanced Topics

Our advanced topics cover PivotTables, What-If Analysis, Charts, Tables, Scenarios and many other topics.  
These Excel topics can save you a tremendous amount of time, make you more productive, and free you up to work on other important projects - or just give you more time to enjoy your friends and family!