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We have 3 Windows 10 classes for you to choose from. 
You can sign up for a bundle of classes (save $$$ - learn more) or you can choose from our a la carte menu of classes.
  • Each class is on Zoom and includes training guide, class files, and hands-on exercises.
  • ​Each class is recorded and made available to enrolled participants.
  • ​If you're not able to attend the class you're enrolled in, you'll have access to the recording, training guide, and class files.
  • ​The training classes are designed for the PC version of Windows 10.

Series 100: Windows Essentials

This series has 3 classes that cover the essential topics and commands you should know if you use Windows 10. 

You'll learn how to pin short cuts to the desktop, start, and/or taskbar. Other topics include using the Control Panel to customize your Windows 10 program, and lots of tips and tricks for working with libraries, folders, and files. 

Want Custom Classes or Group Discounts?

We love doing custom classes for teams, departments, and companies.  We'll customize the topics and examples to meet your specific needs. You'll get custom training guides, class files and the class will be recorded for your group.

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