Tired of Wasting Time & Money?


Boost Efficiency and Productivity  
Slash computer time from hours to minutes so your departments and teams focus on more profitable projects, activities, and pursuits.
Get a Competitive Edge
Over Your Competition
Reduce administrative costs and increase productivity so your team no longer spends hours on projects that should only take minutes.
Reduce Administrative Costs
Decrease administrative projects and tasks from hours to minutes by using Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, or Google Workspace programs efficiently. 
Take Advantage of the
New Hybrid Workplace
Turn your skills and passion into a profit-making business by mastering Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, or Google Workspace.
Get a Fresh Perspective
to Increase ROI
Identify and explore ways to increase efficiency and productivity for the entire team, department, and company.
Customized Training
for Your Specific Needs 
Time is valuable. Our customized training is designed specifically for your team or department to address their unique requirements to be more efficient and productive with their projects.
Learn More in Less Time
We offer more than 100 live, online, instructor-led classes that are only one hour each. You'll do hands-on exercises with an actual instructor via Zoom, so you can ask questions at any time and even show your screen for additional help.
We offer a variety of beginning, intermediate, and advanced 1-hour, live, online classes.
Client Testimonials
Here's What People Say About Our Training and Consulting 
"Although I have been using Excel for several years, I learned quite a few shortcuts, as well as important information regarding absolute versus relative. I highly recommend teams use this training as a group whenever possible as teams can share applications for using new skills learned and can encourage one another to use those wonderful shortcuts. Each key stroke saved is time saved!"


Increase Efficiency, Productivity, and Collaboration in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day
Want your team or department to become more efficient and productive together? Our customized daily video tips are designed to do just that.
Only 15 Minutes a Day for 10 Days 
Want to spend less time on software projects? Our Nirvana Challenges are self-paced videos designed to help you become more efficient and productive in just 15 minutes a day for 10 days.

We have challenges for both PC and MAC users.
Download Keyboard Shortcuts
Want quick access to time saving keyboard shortcuts? Click the Read more ... link below to download keyboard shortcuts for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Standard Keyboard Shortcuts for both MAC and PC.
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Watch Replays of our 15 Minute Weekly Tips  
We broadcast live, 15-minute software tips and tricks every Monday at 11 am (pacific). Click the Read more ... link below to see our upcoming schedule, register for a weekly email reminder, and watch replays of our time saving topics.